Ring replacement type roller bit

Ring replacement type bit
Since Sekisaku group established in 1945, we consolidate our technologies to design and manufacture oil development excavation equipment. Rock Bit are our major peoducts which is for development excavation in worldwide, such as oil, natural gas, geothermal power generation and hot spring drilling. And, Roller Bit which have our original know-how and advanced technologies controbute to tunnel drilling, bridge construction and foundation work for marine structure.

Ring replacement type Roller Bit

Ring Bit
Roller Bit
(Ring replacement type)

The large Roller bit has large bearing capacity, but the the life-span of bit is depend on tooth tip abrasion due to excavation. We made replaccable units which are tooth bit unit and bearing unit, separately. It makes Roller bit longer life-span, and costdown by replacement separately.
Hardening ring
This ring has abrasion resistance by applying optimal heat treatment to high hardness materials. It is effective for many kind of soils and stable excavation performanc especially for uniform bedrock (excavation record with unconfined compressive strength 150 MPa)

Drilling target: Uniform soft rock - hard rock Two kinds of rings are available according to the target rock.
Disk type Tip insert ringTwo kinds of rings are available according to the target rock.

Using a material which is softer than the hardened ring, it is excellent shpck resistance in stratum such as strata, cobblestone and gravel. by hardmetal chip / hardened cladding, And more excellent abrasion resistance by hard facing and hardmetal chip than hardened ring.

Drilling target: mutual layer, cobblestone, gravel (From unconfined compressive strength 60MPa