Since its founding, we have been engaged in the manufacture of petroleum drilling machines and at the same time the excavation ability of bits, which is most important for excavation work In order to improve the rate and high durability, we have accumulated many years of testing, research and development at our own factory It was. Finally the effort has been fruitful and the completed thing is three cutter bits. Drilling Industry We are pleased with your satisfaction and patronage and now it is said that the bit for the well is indispensable It was. Our bit is sharpness against the rock which is the mission, the most important durability is compared to many kinds of bits There is a remarkable difference. Tooth shape, number of teeth, skillful tooth arrangement arise from years of career It was issued. High quality bits all technologies matched under strict quality control It is also a feature of our company that can produce.

Rock Bit lineup

Roller Bit

Rock Bit testing machine
・Rock Bit testing machine
· Roller Bit testing machine